Board of Audit, Annual Meeting, Qualification Meeting & LBAE Meeting

Board of Audit

audit meetingThe Avon Township Board of Audit meets annually prior to the Annual Meeting in March.  The purpose of this meeting is to audit Town finances.  At this meeting, records maintained by the Treasurer and Clerk are compared to verify the accuracy of each.  At this meeting the Supervisors also begin to consider the levy for the upcoming year. Signed copies of all minutes/reports on this page are available at the Avon Township Hall for inspection.


Annual Meeting - Minutes & Information

The Annual Meeting of Avon Township takes place on the second Tuesday of March at 8:30 PM in the Avon Township Hall, 16881 Queens Road, Avon.  The meeting occurs at the conclusion of the township elections and following the Board of Canvass meeting (typically 8:15 PM).  The meeting is opened by the Clerk.  Town residents then elect a moderator who oversees the meeting.  Refreshments typically follow the meeting and provide a time for Town residents to gather and socialize.  The Annual Meeting is open to all, but only Town residents may vote.



Qualification and Organizational Meeting

The Qualification and Organizational Meeting of Avon Township typically takes place on the third Wednesday of March, a little more than a week after the Annual Meeting and Annual Election. At the Q&O meeting new and re-elected officers take the Oath of Office and receive the Certificate of Election, Supervisors outline roles for the coming year, staff members provide reports, and the Supervisors plan for the upcoming year.


Local Board of Appeals & Equalization (LBAE) Meeting

At this meeting which is typically scheduled for late April, the Avon Township Board and County Assessors meet with residents who believe that their tax assessment is too high. In consultation with the Assessor, the Supervisors adjust taxes accordingly.