Ordinances & Policies

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Land Use & Zoning

Other Policies

  • Alcohol & Tobacco - not permitted in the Town Hall
  • AWAIR Policy (Workplace Accident & Injury Reduction Program);  Annual update - 2024
  • Compensation Policy
  • Driveways (see Resolution 01-06-21-1)
  • Gambling Permits - approved by the Clerk as necessary.  Copy provided to Supervisors at a meeting.
  • Hiring Policy
  • Liquor License - approved by motion of the Supervisors at a township meeting
  • Mailboxes - if the plow directly hits a mailbox on a breakaway post, it will be replaced at Township expense.  Otherwise, it is the responsbility of the resident (see snow policy).  If a resident purchases a breakaway mailbox post, the Town will install it (see Nov 2023 minutes)
  • Manure Line Policy
  • Meetings - see Resolution 01-04-23-04
  • Memorials - a card will be sent in the event of a board member or close family member
  • MidCo Ordinance - Ordinance 06-05-09
  • Noise Ordinance (exemption form)
  • Parking Ordinance
  • Planning Committee meeting Cancellation Policy - the PC chair & Clerk make the decision in the event of an emergency (i.e., weather); otherwise, Supervisors make decision.
  • Plat Approval - see Resolution 02-07-18-4
  • Posting Locations - see Resolution 03-18-20-2.  Posting locations are The Store and Township Hall Bulletin  In addition, announcements are included on the Township website homepage.
  • Publishing - when possible, Avon Township is committed to publishing notices of special meetings, in addiion to the required posting.  Office newspaper is the Star Post (see Resolution 03-18-20-1)
  • Recording Meetings - see Resolution 01-03-17-2
  • Record Retention Schedule - adopted MN State Historical Society program
  • Record Use - see Resolution 06-06-12
  • Road Standards (see Inside/Roads)
  • Sign Policy
  • Snow & Ice Control Policy
  • Town Hall Use - contact Clerk to request use of Hall.  Supervisors approve any use of the Town Hall at a regular meeting.
  • Utility Work in Road Right-of-Way - see Inside/Roads; Resolution 08-05-20.

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