Primary Election 2022 - Summary


The Primary Election was held on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, at the Avon Township Hall, 16881 Queens Road, Avon. The pre-test and public accuracy tests were performed prior to the election.

Approximately 380 votes were cast by Town residents in the election, which is a turnout of approximately 26% of the pre-registered voters.

There were 9 voting stations (4 sit-down, 4 stand-up, 1 assistive ballot marker).  A greeter judge welcomed voters at the door and directed voters to the conference room.  A roster judge then checked-in the voter on the epoll pads.  Voters signed the oath, were given a voter receipt and then directed to the ballot judge who was stationed in the conference room.  The voter was given the correct ballot and directed to one of the voting booths.  Voters deposited their ballot in the counter near the rear exit.  Stationed nearby was the machine judge who provided “I voted” stickers and ensured that the ballot was accepted by the counter.  Since Covid-19 was still a concern, plexiglass barriers were provided to keep the voters and judges safe. Two hand-sanitizing stations were available (at the entrance and exit) and the voting process provided a one-way flow through the polling place. “I voted” stickers were available at each voting station for a voter to pick up, as well as from the machine judge. When signing in, voters were also provided with a personal pen for completing their ballots. Masks were not required, though some individuals wore one.

The election results for Avon Township are available at the following link (  )

We are especially grateful to our fantastic election judges for their dedicated service. The judges for this election were: Deb Angulski, Ben Byker, Lisa Gilk, Dave Ehlinger, Duane Fasen, Marion Gondringer, Jay Hedlund, Kelly Martini (Head judge), Sue Rushmeyer, and Stephen Saupe.