Presidential Nominating Primary – 2020


The first Presidential Nominating Primary in Minnesota since 1992 was held on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, at the Avon Township Hall, 16881 Queens Road, Avon (MN). The pre-test and Public Accuracy tests were performed prior to the election.

There were 170 votes cast by Town residents in the election, which is a turnout of 12% of the registered voters. Three ePoll books were operating to check-in voters and register new voters. It was rare for voters to have to wait even a minute to vote. There were 10 voting booths set up in the Town Hall. The Automark assisted voting machine was available for use. The new M200 ballot counter worked well, too. One particularly nice feature is that it optically scans the ballots and automatically records write-in votes. This saves election judges lots of time locating write-ins on individual ballots. Election results are available via the Minnesota Secretary of State website. One person came to the polls but refused to vote because of the requirement to specify a party ballot.

We are especially grateful to our election judges for their dedicated service – Deb Angulski, Lisa Gilk, Marion Gondringer, Kelly Martini (Head Judge), Sue Rushmeyer, and Clerk Stephen Saupe, who also organized the election for the Township.