General Election – November 2020


The General Election (P1 notice & P2 notice) was held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, at the Avon Township Hall, 16881 Queens Road, Avon (MN). The pre-test and Public Accuracy tests (legal notice) were performed prior to the election.

About 1360 ballots were cast by residents of Avon Township (data from the Secretary of State website, Nov 5th, 8 PM). Of these, 73.7% (1002) were in-person at the Town Hall and the remaining 26.5% (about 360 ballots) were submitted as absentee ballots directly to Stearns County. Nearly 92% of registered Township residents voted in this election. Approximately three-quarters of Township voters selected Republican candidates while approximately 25% of the voters chose a Democratic one. Voters selecting a Democratic candidate were more likely to vote absentee (50.7%) compared to those selecting a Republican candidate (19.8%).

The polls were set up like they were during the Primary Election to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19. New for this election were 5 stand-up voting booths. These replaced our old standup ones, which didn’t provide for social distancing. Standard PPE gear was available for judges (and voters). The voting booths were sanitized after each voter.

The large turnout resulted in wait times as long as 40 minutes or more. In the morning, the line of waiting voters extended from the entrance of the Town Hall down the sidewalk to the maintenance shop, to the salt shed, and then about halfway down the parking area to the west. Voters began to arrive before 6:30 AM and by 7:00 AM when the polls opened the parking lot was full. Interestingly, there was little waiting to vote after about 12:30. The majority of voters voted before noon.

Despite the long wait, voters seemed to be in a good mood. We were especially lucky that the weather was ideal and made waiting in line much more pleasant than it might have been. Thankfully, only a tiny percentage of voters refused to wear a mask to protect themselves and others (including the election judges) from COVID-19. An even smaller percentage of voters forgot that it is illegal to wear any items (hats, buttons, masks) bearing the name of a candidate on the ballot. However, when this was pointed out, these voters graciously removed or covered the item or turned it inside out.

Avon Township Election Judges are the best ever. We thank them for their dedicated service during a pandemic (imagine wearing a mask for 16 hours straight and doing it with a smile and positive attitude). We owe our deepest gratitude to: Deb Angulski, Lisa Baker Gilk, Duane Fasen, Marion Gondringer, Jay Hedlund, Kelly Martini (Head Judge), Kamela Mohs, Sue Rushmeyer, and Stephen Saupe. Anyone interested in serving as an election judge in the future, should contact S Saupe (Avon Township Clerk).